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There are 2 distinctive products sold within this market umcako (mineral lime) and impepho (traditional incense) . Lime traders sell balls of white and red lime mined from iNdwedwe, north of the city. The lime is used by trainee and recently qualified izangoma. Other traders sell impepho which is used to facilitate communication with one's ancestors. The impepho comes from either rural areas in KwaZulu-Natal or the Eastern Cape.

Umcako (mineral lime) and ibomvu are both sold in this market and are mined from iNdwedwe. Trainee and qualified izangomas apply umcako and ibomvu to their skin to signify their training stages. These products are also used sunscreen, paint and for pottery. It is said that pregnant women often crave umcako.

There are two different types of impepho, and each comes from a different region. The impepho with yellow flowers is harvested in KwaZulu Natal and is used by Zulu people. The other impepho is harvested in the Eastern Cape and is used by Xhosa people.

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